Simple Songs for the Saddest of Bastards

by Tim Howe

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    This is for you. That's right, YOU! For nothing. Pretty good deal, I guess.




This album is dedicated the fact that everyone gets nervous over nothing, and that everyone gets nothing from being nervous.


released December 30, 2011

Produced by: Kelsey Morris, Dan Byers, Dan Pantenburg, Dylan Howe, Tim Howe and James Kolberg.

Special thanks to those who fueled my fire to write lyrics, either for them or despite them.




Tim Howe Raleigh, North Carolina

I guess I'm more of a waffle guy than a pancake guy cause a waffle is more transparent about your syrup intake.

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Track Name: Pocket Full of Quarters
Well I walked into the city, where you stood there lookin' pretty
And I came to the stoplight that turned from red to green
And the buses and the cars flickered out like dying stars,
you said watch your damn mouth now and don't make a scene
Well we stood beside the water with our pockets full of quarters,
and your legs began to shiver as you stripped yourself clean
And she fell into the river, some say I must've hit her
but she dove down to the bottom and said "Anything you need"
And I got lonely that night
And I got drunk in the daytime
And I lost my favorite tooth, sittin' up on the roof, tryin' to give myself proof that I'm okay
Well the more I loosened by belt the weaker that I felt,
Till my jeans had all faded from blue and black to grey
So I made the chief decision that it was only superstition
And the way we rise and fall was too vague to say
Well we met young Jack and Jill while climbin' your favorite hill and we helped em with his pail and we said "watch your step
"cause now Jack you're bound to fall with that crown placed to tall and then Jill will be left to book your final trip
Come on now darlin' don't be scared, I'll wake you in the mornin' when we're halfway there
Rise like the daytime, rise just to fall, spring turns to summer when we don't speak at all
Well we held hands for a while and exchanged feeble smiles
and I could tell by your eyes that I was scared to death
So I punched my other self, and I hid behind the shelf
Where the cocaine and the whiskey told me to watch my step.